"How PTSD Affects The Brain, According To Researchers" (Bustle)

“It's sometimes difficult for researchers to know whether PTSD has caused physical changes in the brain, or whether those physical characteristics were already there. Dr. Shaili Jain, a PTSD expert and author of The Unspeakable Mind, explains that there are three main areas of the brain implicated in PTSD: the hippocampus, the frontal lobe, and the amygdala. The hippocampus, she explains, ‘is a part of the brain that's located in the temporal lobe where we process memories. It's smaller in people who have PTSD, but we don't know why.’ It's a case of chicken and egg, she notes: ‘We don't know if they were born with a smaller hippocampus and that somehow made them more vulnerable to PTSD, or if it shrunk after they were exposed to trauma.’”

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