Mind Body Green, "Should You Talk About Your Trauma? A PTSD Specialist Explains"

“More than half of Americans will say that, at some point in their lives, they have lived through a major trauma during which their life was threatened, they were rendered helpless, and their sense of normalcy shattered. Being raped, robbed at gunpoint; surviving a severe car accident; escaping a deadly fire; or witnessing a spouse, child, or parent be brutally assaulted are just some of the examples of the types of trauma that millions of American survive every year.

For the clear majority of trauma survivors, once the danger has ebbed, distress is natural. They may feel on edge, have nightmares, and be overwhelmed by traumatic memories. They may feel like this for hours, days, or weeks, but humans, by design, are psychologically resilient. The clear majority will heal, organically, with the tincture of time.“

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